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Referral Incentive  Program

Your referrals help grow our business, and we appreciate your referrals. As appreciation for your referrals we would like to thank you for your support in the form of gift cards. Upon completion of the project we will provide gift card(s) to the referrer for their referrals. The referrer does not need to have purchased from us to be eligible for the incentive program. Referral gift cards will be given on a tiered structure based on the final contract total.


Minimum $1,250 contract will be eligible for a $25 valued gift card. Gift card will be in a tiered structure of $50 increments every $2,500 spent on contract. See below for incentive example. Referral will have an opportunity to register referrer on contract, as well as referrer may register a referral with us.


If a referrer is registering a referral please confirm that the referral is open to being contacted by our staff prior to registering. 

Contract Price:      Gift Card Incentive:

$1,250.            $25

$2,500             $50

$5,000             $100

$7,500             $150

$10,000           $200

$12,500           $250

$15,000           $300

$20,000           $350

$25,000           $400

** Subject to change without notice. Subject to local laws and regulations where prohibited by law.**


Thank You For Your Referrals

Your referrals are our greatest compliments. We strive to keep our relationships with our clients beyond the project at hand.

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