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What We’re All About

Our Story

As a young teen Svyatoslav “Slavic” began working in Construction and learning the tools of the trade. He spent 15 years in the Culinary Industry where he met his wife Belinda, who at the time was a Pastry Chef, while in these field they learned the appreciation of their ingredients and how some things must be crafted in specific ways to create their desired results. Together they both explored their passions for hand crafted hobbies, music and gardening. Belinda loves to see him throwing himself behind his passions so together they decided that it was finally time for Slavic to put his full focus into turning his hobby into his true profession. Together they work on designing their unique pieces and helping their clients with designing cabinetry that meets their functional needs while being aesthetically pleasing.

Together they are proud member of the Guadalupe Business Association and being active members within the community.

Belinda is a board member of Los Amigos De Guadalupe and often sweet talks Slavic into helping whenever he can.

So get in touch with us and let’s begin crafting your next project together.

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