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Our Harmony Stand was created to give grounding balance and strength to your gong playing. Whether you play lightly or love to create great energy through lightly swinging your gong, this stand helps to set your playing free without having to worry about squeeking or tipping.  




Harmony Gong Stand

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Crafted this from 1"x3" steal and added adjustable feet to the bottom so it can rest on carpet or hard surfaces with ease.

    This stand is custom made to order and dimensions will change depending on the size of the gong.

    This pictured stand features a 38" Grotta Sonora Desert Rose in finish Natural Patina and can fit up to a 45" gong.


    Height: 53"

    Length: 65.25"

    Width: 24"

    Inside Length: 52"

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